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Read Here Before You Start Buying :

Benefits of Hire to be Your Taobao Business Agent in Taobao SEA, China, Today


The Reasons to Get Taobao Malaysia Agent to Purchase Your Items from &


Many foreign consumers would prefer buying their items whether for personal use or for business’ purposes via DIRECTLY due to the aggressive marketing campaigns by However, purchasing products through DIRECTLY is not the only way to get cheap and reliable stuffs, in fact, it is one of the risky ways and more expensive compare to hiring an agent. (Click here to read more about the comparison of hiring and purchase from directly in order to source products)


Pricing vs Hidden Fee is one of the cheapest Taobao Agent in Malaysia, offering extremely low handling fee and shipping fee as well as the best forex rate between RM & RMB. Unlike most of the agents, keeps no hidden fee. If you are familiar with shopping in taobao, you would definitely understand that there will be 2 separate payments in all the purchase activities.

The first part of payment is always to pay upfront in order to purchase the items and the second part of the payment would be the international shipping fee (products that you have ordered would be weighted and shipping fee would be calculated according to the weight or volumetric weight).

Hidden fee is actually the fee designed by a system which most agents or even itself has been applied, presetting the first stage of the payment to be extremely cheap and after that incur more cost on the second part by playing the figures of weight, volumetric weight, sipping fee and so on.

In order to attract more people to start using their system, they would set a very low or even 0% handling fee at first payment. After that they would start charging an extremely high price at the second payment as they know you have no choice since you have already made the first payment. has a very transparent system of how to calculate all the fees. Read here for more info about our pricing. We urge you to compare our service with others including itself and you will definitely find that will be your long term partners in shopping or trading.


Language & Communication & Experience

All the staffs in do understand at least 3 languages (Mandarin/Chinese, English and Malay)., as taobao English agent, has been established since 2011 and been helping a lot of local entrepreneurs (Malays, Indian, Chinese and many other races) to source items from China. plays the roles of items screening, checking taobao vendors’ profiles (to avoid scammers), and negotiation, terms & conditions checking, basically all the pre-buying works to reduce the chances in order to protect our clients from getting scammed and to get a better deals from helps local entrepreneurs or shoppers to understand about the procedures to purchase items from China, whether in, or (aka taobao mall, selling branded stuffs at higher price but still consider very cheap compare to local sourcing),if you are a risk adverse person. understands that the risks that probably might happen due to the experience dealing with China’s sellers as well as the dirty selling tricks which play by some dishonest sellers. Register here and subscribe our newsletter to get more info about those dirty tricks and understand how would help you to reduce those risks.

Track Order Anytime, Anyplace

You can jus track your order anytime and anyplace via

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