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About Us

About Xpressgate (PG0351588-P) is one of the best shipping companies in Malaysia and has been established since 2011 year. The company started to assist most companies in Malaysia, especially northern regions, in order to import goods majority from China and other ASEAN countries into Malaysia.


In year 2014, has realized that E-Commerce will be one of the new shopping trend in Malaysia and hence decided to expand its business by assisting Malaysian to conveniently purchase goods from China especially from and (the largest E-Commerce Platform in China).


Besides, has created a trading platform to help local entrepreneurs or small and medium enterprises to source their products from China as well. does provides consultations and advices for entrepreneurs on how to source their products cheaply at the same time greatly reducing the risks of being scams. is acting as the “Purchasing Shield” for most of its users, protecting his users from misleading trading information and all the stocks fraud incidents from trading’s deal. has invested a convenient and most comprehensive system in 2014 in order to provide a better service for its users. With just few clicks in front of your computer or any smart device, everyone is able to purchase the items that they wish just with few clicks. This makes to become one of the best and cheapest taobao agent within Malaysia.