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The Benefits of Shopping through the Taobao Agents in Malaysia


What are The Benefits to Shop through Taobao Purchasing Agent Malaysia Instead of Taobao SEA(South East Asia)? is an online shopping platform(taobao agent site) that provides you with a one stop purchasing and forwarding service through the It also allows you to send your purchase to a forwarding agent warehouse for consolidation before it is shipped overseas. Shipping is normally done to countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore.

When the shipping is done through as single agent to these stated countries the shipping fee is greatly reduced thereby lowering the total amount that the purchasers of items via the Taobao platform will pay for their items. There exist several tracking systems that can be used to track the purchase so as to ensure that it reaches your home safely and in the required time. is one such platforms that you can effectively use to monitor your purchase or item to ensure that the safely gets to your home at the time that it was scheduled to arrive. This therefore helps in checking against any unnecessary losses or delays which can hugely inconvenience you as the purchaser.


availableItems Available at Taobao offers a variety of items for the users to choose from. There are many awesome things that you can purchase form the online platform. When looking for items to start a business, for party planning, craft or for wedding, there are several items to choose from in this online shopping platform. There are beautiful gowns, clothes, party items and bags all available from the platform. When purchasing from the platform, there is no need to worry if you cannot understand the Chinese word that are in the site.

With the Google Chrome browser, shoppers from Malaysia are now able to auto translate the site to English. This allows you to clearly understand the information available in the site and also be able to easily and effectively get the items that you are looking for in the site. Google also translates any Chinese word that cannot be understand in the site to English further making the platform easy to use and customer friendly.

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Shopping through Agents

Due to the vast and widespread customer base, there is usually the need to ship the various items to the customer in his or her country of residence. The shipping is done to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Macau. When buying the items, the customer will also incur the shipping cost. This cost may be at times directly added to the price of the items.

However, there is an option for various online shoppers to buy their items through agents. The agents collect various items that are heading to various destinations and carry them in bulk as a single shipment. They overall benefit of this is that it reduces the amount of money paid for the shipping.

Customers who use the agents tend to pay less in terms of the shipping charges as opposed to those who opt for direct shipping. It is up to you to decide whether you what the shipping to be directly done or whether you want to use the agents to carry out the shipping. There are several shipping agents that are available who can help you in bringing your purchase from China home.


Choosing Agents

Before choosing the agent to use it is important to consider the benefits that you will get when you decide to get the services of a particular agent. Some people have used the Taobao SEA agents to ship the products. Some have however decided and stuck with the Taobao buying agents from Malaysia.

Several agents can help ship items to Malaysia for those who want their items to be delivered there. is one of the known agents who have helped in shipping items form china to Malaysia. The question many of you will however ask is why it is important to use Taobao purchasing agents in Malaysia rather than the Taobao SEA. There are a couple of benefits that are associated with shipping through Malaysia Taobao purchasing agents.


Customer Assistance

Being one of the top Taobao buying agents in Malaysia, the assists the Malaysian customers to buy items from Taobao with the available easiest ways. It ensures that the customers get whatever they want from Taobao easily with only a few clicks. This therefore reduces the amount of time that you will spend looking for items from the platform.

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Advance Systems

Apart from the customer assistance that is provided by, the agent also provides an advanced system for its Malaysian clients that allows then to make their specific orders, pay for them and keep track of the purchase and the shipping.

This allows you to plan and know exactly when your purchase or item will arrive in Malaysia. Furthermore, it also allows you to make your purchases through any device. allow you to order for your items using your laptop, smart phone and tablet. What you need to have to be able to access the Taobao market through is only internet access or connection. This makes it easy for you to carry out your purchases from virtually everywhere as long as you can have access to the internet. It allows you to access and order items from Taobao any time you want even if you wish to do it while others are asleep.

Local Credit Cards

Another major reason why your should consider using local Taobao purchasing agents in Malaysia over the Taobao SEA is due to the fact that the agents in Malaysia accept local credit cards. In addition to that, when you use the to shop for items from Taobao, you can be able to pay for the items not only through the local credit cards but also through local banking channels and gateways such as the Maybank2u.This therefore makes the payments less hectic and even cheaper.

Lower Shipping Costs

When your use the Taobao agents in Malaysia over the Taobao SEA, you will have the advantage of lower shipping cost. This is because the local agents ship items to Malaysia as a single consolidated shipment thereby reducing the cost. provides you with an avenue where you can effectively, safely, easily and cheaply purchase items for

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