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How Taobao Malaysia Agents Increase the Safety Level for Your Trading ?


The Safest and Easiest Way to Source Products from Malaysia



Do you know that using Purchasing Agents like to purchase goods from Malaysia) is one of the safest and easiest way for sourcing great products from China? In fact, if you really do your research, you will find that it is one of the cheapest alternatives to purchase in Taobao.


Understand About

Taobao is one of the leading online marketplaces in the world. People sell everything you can think of in that marketplace. In addition, the prices for the items are much lower than in other marketplaces around the world, including Malaysia. This ensures that you will make healthy profits once you sell them locally.


Facing Problems When Shopping?

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Communication Problems

CommunicationThe problem is that Taobao transactions are China-based. The Chinese language is used throughout on the site. Therefore, it can be quite difficult to navigate through the online marketplace if you are buying from Malaysia. Using agents may be a good idea. enhances the safety of your Taobao transactions in a number of ways like communicate with the sellers to get better deals, communicate with the shipping companies to get tracking of your parcels and so on.



The financial laws of Malaysia and China are not the same. The differences will confuse you because of the language barriers in place. You are therefore likely to purchase items that may not be acceptable in your country, without even knowing it. You may also engage in illegal transactions, which may get you in trouble in Malaysia or even within China. This may happen when you use the wrong procedures to shop.

Illegal transactions can land you in court. This may lead to hefty fines, suspension of your business license, or even jail time. The source of these problems can be traced to your lack of understanding of what you were doing. Can you imagine having such an experience?

Buying agents like would be the best option for you. These professionals have experienced members of staff who have the resources that you require to procure and obtain your preferred goods legally. By using them, you will be ensuring that you do not do anything by mistake, which will get you in trouble with the law. This keeps you safe from the justice system.


Secure Payments Online

If you have no idea of what you are doing when using online payment methods, you are likely to be a victim. Taobao requires you to make use of the official online payment methods to purchase the items that you have selected. The acceptable online payment systems used, are Chinese-based. You need a Chinese-affiliated online account to transact your business. These e-accounts are usually safe and secure.

You have to look for alternative cheap ways to purchase the goods that your business requires if you cannot obtain a Chinese e-account. Your alternatives in this case are quite limited if you do not want to use official agents. They may involve another third party whose business practices are not sound. These parties may force you to provide all your private financial details. Because these parties will not be following either the Chinese or the Malaysian law, they are uncontrollable. They could use your information to steal from your online accounts.

A genuine Taobao agent in Malaysia on the other hand, will act as the proper intermediary between you and the Taobao sellers that you will be dealing with. You will be able to use a secure online payment system to purchase products through the agent. Once you pay the agent, the sellers will receive their payments in the acceptable Chinese currency. This process ensures that your financial information is safe, which in turn protects you from identity theft and fraud.

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Money Losses

Without knowing the Chinese language, there is no way through which you can transact business on effectively. You can do it through guesswork though. This option however, is fraught with problems. The first mistake you are likely to do is to misunderstand product labels. That may cause you to order the wrong goods. Then you may end up placing an order for a wrong amount of goods. Then you will end up paying more for the goods that you do not even need.



You may also fail to communicate properly with your sellers, who may then provide you with the wrong goods or the wrong amounts. Since miscommunication is on your part because you do not understand the Chinese language properly, you will be in trouble. Having placed your order, you will not be able to return the goods if they are what you asked for, albeit wrongly. You will have to bear all the responsibility for the mistake. You will end up stuck with items that you do not need, or may not be able to sell. This in turn will affect your business operations, which may lead to huge losses. The fact that you will not obtain any refunds also enhances the amount of losses that you will incur.


Screen through All the Sellers and Make Sure They are Genuine

Some sellers on Taobao are also crooks. Since you have no experience dealing with such traders, you will not know until it is too late, and they have disappeared with your money. You will then be stuck with substandard goods that no client of yours will want to purchase.

As one of the top Taobao sourcing agents in Malaysia – has enough members of staff who have a high-level knowledge of the Chinese language. When you place your order through them, they will ensure that everything is accurate. This prevents you from making a mistake that will cost your business a lot of money that you cannot afford to lose.

Many leading agents are also experienced enough to know which sellers are genuine and which ones are not. Because of this knowledge, they will point you in the right direction when you want to buy different items. This will ensure that you avoid buying substandard goods that will be impossible to sell. In addition, these substandard goods may attract the wrath of the government especially if some clients complain against you. Taobao agents therefore keep you safe from fraud, which is very bad for your profit margins.


Sourcing in Taobao is one of the best options for your business because it allows you to purchase goods at much lower prices for resell in Malaysia at higher prices. The problem however, is the fact that site navigation requires expert knowledge of the Chinese language and financial laws, which you may not have. Taobao Malaysia agents – will be helpful because they will act as a fair intermediary from the start to the finish By doing so, they will keep your business safe from legal and financial repercussions that many people often deal with.

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