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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do to make payment?
a. You can make payment via direct deposit or online banking transfer. We can also accept cheque deposit. Our credit card payment service will be coming soon.

2. Why do I have to pay twice
You have to give twice because we have to receive your payment to order for the price of the item and the Inland China shipping delivery from the seller to our warehouse in within China. While item arrival at our China warehouse, your items will be repacked and weighed, to get the international shipping fee rate. Find more about the International Shipping Fee please click HERE.

3. I do not understand Chinese language very well, can I request for translation service?
You can use Google translate for instant translation. However, you are welcome to request some information translate directly from seller.

4. Is everything inside and purchasable? can help buyers to order a difference type of products which they are not restricted or illegal items item. Sensitive items will be charge extra. However, we do not help buyers to purchase virtual product like ebook or software. The main reason is to protect buyer from online flaunts and product delivery problems. Please click HERE for more information.

5. What is the currency used in
We will use RMB (Ren Ming Bi), but our system convert the currency into Ringgit Malaysia (RM) after you place order. The conversion rate is based on the daily National Bank rate as shown in your checkout page.

6. How long does the delivery of my items take?
Once the order had been placed, It will take about 2-5 working days to ship your items to our warehouse in China. From International shipping, the delivery lead time to Malaysia will depend based on your delivery option which normal goods air freight about 5 to 14 working days, sensitive goods air freight might be take longer and sea freight 18 to 30 working days. Delivery lead times is subjected to many reason like custom clearance, weathers and public holidays.

7. Can I request for order or delivery the items first and pay later?
We are sorry to inform that we will only place order after we have receive the payment from you. Please take note that reserves the right to decline any orders until we have received the payment.

8. Can I cancel and refund the order after the items had reach in our warehouse?
No, you cannot cancel the order if your items had reach in warehouse. You can choose to hold it or ship it with other order with combination shipment. However your item cannot stay for over 30 days in our warehouse, or there will be some charges for the items.

9. What happens if the item is out of stock?
If an item of your order is run out of stock, will inform you through E-mail. You can choose to get refund or replace it with other item(s) of similar price.

10. What happens if I notice something is missing or broken?
Check the parcel before sign the shipping bill from Courier office. If you found any broken or missing ,you have to take down the photo and contact us.You contact us at along with your order number, your name, the link to the missing item and the proof.

11. Can I request for refund if I am not happy with the items?
You cannot make refund if you not happy with the items. Once the items had shipped, we will not responsible unless it is missing or error in purchase or broken.

12. Can I request for insurance for my items? will not include insurance coverage for your items unless if you really wish to have insurance coverage on your product. You can make request insurance coverage of your items by putting a remark onto your order during the checkout stage. The insurance is normally 8% the cost of the items and the shipping cost, which will bear by the buyer.