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How to Improve Your Shopping Experience in Taobao with Professional Buying Agent in Malaysia

Begin Your Ultimate Shopping Experience in Taobao Malaysia with Professional Purchasing Agent

If you are not familiar with the world of Taobao, then hiring a professional Taobao agent in Malaysia like will definitely help you in improving your shopping experience in this regard.

If you are unsure of how to shop Taobao then the information provided in this write up can be helpful to you. But before starting to shop in Taobao you must have brief information about it and the need of a professional agent in this regard.

Introduction to Taobao or Taobao SEA(Taobao in South East Asia)


First of all you should know what Taobao is. Taobao in fact is the online commercial site of China where you can practically find each and every product which you can expect every time even at your local shops. The wide range of products available on this site may include trendy designer clothing from a number of renowned brands including popular ASOS/Korea spree items and a lot more, which make it one of the world’s largest online commercial sites. It works like various other online merchant websites like eBay etc.

The Sellers at Taobao are Divided into Two Categories :

Taobao Mall: The sellers of this category have better control on the quality of their products as they normally deal in genuine and guaranteed products. This new concept of online business works like an e-Mall for the wholesale buyers. 


Consumer-to-consumer: The sellers in this category are generally small or individual retailers who list their products for sale on this site and the site works like eBay to allow individual buyers to buy the products of their choice. 

Why do You Need of an Agent?


You need the services of a professional Taobao Purchasing Agent as intermediate when you are shopping to help you solve most of your problems purchasing the things you want from helps you to overcome most of the problems like language barriers, getting a cheaper payment solutions, dealing with shipping and so on. Hiring an agent is essential for you to enjoy shopping experience in Taobao as you can buy anything easily with the professional advice from the experience purchasing agent.

Finding the Agent


You can find a large number of local agents who can help you in shopping at Taobao, if you search them online through any search engine like Google etc. But before hiring an agent for Taobao shopping you must go through the reviews of their previous clients about their purchasing system and efficiency. offers a very transparent review system in our website as we are trying to make our performance level as transparent as we can.

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Searching Products on Taobao can Make Your Life Miserable

After hiring a suitable agent for Taobao shopping it is time to start search on Taobao and enjoy unique shopping experience. But as you visit the main page of Taobao you may be astonished, if you do not understand Chinese language, to see that the text information provided on that entire page is written in Chinese which can be a new problem for you. Though you can take the help of Google for translating the things in English but still you need the help of your agent to make you understand the things and their utility as mere translation of the name of the things may not serve your purpose. 


After you have found the product of your choice on Taobao with the help of your agent you should enter it in the search window. You will reach to a page where a number of similar items will be displayed with different price tags. In fact all those options are offered by different sellers as you find on various other commercial sites like eBay.


All the search results have a small search header on their top which allows you to choose them on the basis of various options including their popularity as one header indicates the number of products sold during last one month.


Another option on the header provides you information about various options of the items of your choice as per their price in ascending order. The third header option tells you about the total price of your product including shipping charges to the warehouse of your agent.


But here again you need the help of your agent as all the information is in Chinese. Thus you can enjoy shopping experience in Taobao with the help of 

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The Purchasing Flow in


1. When you have selected an agent for Taobao shopping then first of all you will have to create an account with him. During your shopping experience you will have to make two types of payments to your agent. First payment includes the price of item purchased plus local shipping charges to the warehouse of your agent. Second payment includes agent’s fee plus shipping and delivery charges, if any, to your destination. In this way you can enjoy hassle free shopping experience in Taobao by hiring an agent.


2. In order to provide information about the product of your choice to your agent you will have to visit his site and copy paste the URL of the item in its EZ-BUY box. He will automatically receive information about the name and rating of the seller, name and price of the item and domestic shipping charges. If you have special choice about size and color of the item then you can mention in your order along with your shipping option. After keying all of your products you should click on 'submit’. 


3. Now it is the time to make first payment which will be asked from you after submitting your order. One more thing, these agents charge less shipping fee than the Taobao itself. If any of the ordered items is out of stock then your agent will inform you through email and refund its payment.

4. Then your parcel will be shipped to your destination and you may get it within 10 business days. As soon as the parcel reaches your destination you will be prompted to make second payment. 

Thus you can improve your shopping experience in Taobao with professional Taobao agent in Malaysia.

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