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Handling Fee

Handling Fee

8% of handling fee per each order.

Each order can contain many items.


  • Handling fee is charged based on product price and China Local Shipping charges only.
  • Handling fee =(Product Price +China Local Shipping)X 8%


Price Calculation

Total Price = [(Product Price(RMB) + China Local Shipping(RMB))*rate + Handling Fee] + International Shipping

There are two payment for each customer to do the shopping .

1ST time Payment: (Product Price + China Local Shipping)+Handling Fee

2nd time Payment: International Shipping Fee 

* Sensitive Items - Minimum 2KG

For Example :

1. If John, stays in west Malaysia, is buying a RM 100 non-sensitive Products with RM 5 China Local Shipping with total of 2 KGs

1st Payment (RM 100 + RM 5) + (RM 105) x 8% + 2nd Payment ( International Shipping (RM 15 x 2 KG) )

= RM 139.40

International Shipping Fee

International Shipping Fee (国际运费)  ( Effective start on 10th Jan 2017 )

Air Freight are using company
ABX or Skynet.Note:

  • All shipment do not include Tax Insurance and Custom
  • VOLUMETRIC WEIGHT: (width X length X height) cm / 6000
  • Minimum Weight counted for each order is 1 KG.Sensitive count start from 2 KG
  • Once Shipment had been packed, no more request for repack, combine repack or separation shipment.





Membership Account

Fully control and editing information, message and reward in your personal account.

Easy Login

Just login with listed social network account by a click

Email Notification

Order, Message ,Update and Invoice will be notify to you by email

Payment Record

Payment will be record in your account and easy to refer back

Online payment

You can pay by using online banking transfer. Paypal and Credit Card will be coming soon.

Easy Fill

Simple filling by just placing URL, price and option in the easy fill form


All customer’s information will be kept private unless XpressGate have your approval.

Seller Communication

Personally contact with seller and direct deal with seller.

Lowest Exchange Rate

Exchange rate will based on the actual rate that trade in Bank Negara.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute problems will be solve closely with Taobao and Tmall

Packing and shipping

Goods will be repacked and shipped without opened to prevent losses.

Delivery to your door Step

Lovely goods will directly reach at your door step